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Hey Assbutt! A Supernatural Podcast

Mar 29, 2018

Travis recounts a tale of when he was attacked by an Emu during a safari. The gang also talks about a whole smattering of things, like how nothing is original and movie adaptations. Later they discuss episode 18, Something Wicked. 

Mar 23, 2018

The gang spends twenty (20) minutes talking about the most controversial topics of all time. After that, they talk about flowers and their favorite foods. They also discuss episode 17 of Supernatural, which does not take place in Richardson, Texas.

Mar 16, 2018

Awesome puns aside, this week Ari goes down a web rabbit hole researching the freak of the week, we talk about our favorite characters, and Travis has to explain the difference between Huntsville, AL and Huntsville, Ontario. 

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Mar 8, 2018

The gang talks about their favorite Halloween things! Eating Candy, favorite costumes, collecting things, the family business. They also discuss the ethics of hunting and eating people with episode 15 of Supernatural, The Benders. Will they make it out alive?

Mar 1, 2018

The gang talks about the good, bad, and ugly cover songs that are out there in the world. The rabbit hole goes as deep as contemporary christian music. This week's episode is number fourteen, Nightmare. Join us for a fun, floaty, adventure. 

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